Hälsning från Tyler

Vi fick häromdagen en hälsning från vår vän Tyler Hughes.


”I am doing very well over here in Canada! My football career is doing well. I am playing for a local team right now called Cowichan FC that would maybe be the same level as Div 3 in Sweden. We are in first place in our league with 2 games to play. I also play for a team called the Victoria Highlanders. We play in the 4th highest div in the US and Canada. There are two players from that team last year that are probably going to be training with Oster in April or May. They are two very exciting and talented players who want to try to play in Europe. You might be seeing them soon! 
I was back in the USA in Nov where I went to University. I was inducted into the Universities Sports Hall of Fame this year. It was a very big honour for me.
I also, had an interesting adventure in Dec. 2010. I played for Canada’s National Beach soccer team in World Cup Qualification in Mexico. We did not qualify, which isn’t a surprise! We lost to Mexico and El Salvador, but beat Jamaica…That was a very fun experience…
I am starting to get into coaching now. I have been coaching different ages of boys and girls. I have started doing private sessions and am looking to start my own soccer academy soon.
That is what I have been doing…haha…I have been reading that this year coming up will be a very big year for the club!! I watched the match a couple of weeks a go vs Kalmar on the internet!! It was very cool to see the guys playing. I really want to come back to Vaxjo and visit everyone. I maybe come to visit as early as this year some time…

I look forward to seeing the club play in the new stadium!! Very exciting times for Oster! The fans and everyone involved with the club and city deserve it!

Take care and ha det bra…”

Foto: Andreas Nilsson / EF-Kinshasa 


7 thoughts on “Hälsning från Tyler

  1. Horn

    Alltså Tyler Hughes, en mycket trevlig kille och en sann legend i Östers IF!
    Forza Tyler!

    Hope to see you soon Tyler, you´re always welcome back to Växjö!


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