Tyler i med all star team – och följer Öster på nätet

Bedrövelsen efter plattmatchen i Åtvidaberg har knappt hunnit lägga sig. Men vi kavlar upp ärmarna och tar nya friska tag såhär första dagen på en ny vecka.
En mycket god vän till Staglaberget, Tyler Hughes, kommer framöver att sporadiskt och med oregelbundna mellanrum förära vår blogg med gästinlägg. Om fotbollen och livet hemma i Kanada mixat med lite sköna anekdoter från förr.
Tylers senaste brev har ett par veckor på nacken och har således marinerats under Östers finfina formtopp. Nu när vi är nere på jorden igen passar väl inget bättre än lite uppmuntring från Östers gamle ytterbacks-Hulk…


Kultpryl på läktaren från säsongen 2005 (?).

Kultpryl på läktaren från säsongen 2005 (?).

I have been checking the internet and twitter to keep up on Öster. I always follow games on twitter while at work. Glad to see the boys have won the last two games! Slowly creating some space between oursleves and the bottom teams…I, also, read Smp.se and Aftonbladet about the team and to keep my Swedish somewhat decent…haha…It’s great to read about so many of the guys that were younger players when I was there…Guys like Manz, Stefan, Alle and Elmin…Love reading about them doing well…And the older Öster boys, Mario, Dennis and Freddy playing well for their club…It sounds like there are some new exciting players that have joined the club, too… I was hoping to make a trip over to Sweden this summer and see the new stadium, old friends and team play in Allsvenskan, but it will have to wait until maybe next year… It has been great to see that my good friend Helgi Danielsson has moved onto a new challenge in Portugal! Everyone that knows him, knows that he is a quality player and an even better guy…I’m sure he will do well against the best Portugal has to offer! I have very fond memories of my time back in Vaxjo and look forward tot eh day that I get to come back and visit everyone involved with the club again… As for me…I just finished a short season with my home town team, Victoria Highlanders…We play in the 3rd tier…Two divisions under MLS…I play on the same team as my brother….We had the best season in the short history of the club! We finished 4th out of 64 teams in the Premier Development League! I was selected to the All Conference team, which probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone in Sweden…haha…an All Start team… My brother was leading the team in goals before he got hurt with 3 games left in the season…It was a lot of fun and we play in front of good crowds at home of about 2500…Pretty good for a Canadian city! One of our younger players who had a great breakout season is on a 10 day trial with the Vancouver Whitecaps of the MLS right now…some very good young players on our team…My brother and I are the two oldest on the team and provide the experience for the younger guys…It’s been lots of fun playing with him and hopefully we will be able to play again next year…Him and wife and due to have a baby in March, so we will have to see if she lets him play! lol.
Good luck and keep the wins coming! Lycka till.


2 thoughts on “Tyler i med all star team – och följer Öster på nätet

  1. One Eyed Jack Inläggets författare

    Känns som den var med mer än en säsong i alla fall? Men minnet sviker. Man börjar bli gammal och gråhårig.


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